Are E-Cigs Really Better Than Tobacco Cigarettes?

It’s no secret that electronic cigarettes are popular. There are many reasons why they this is so. In this article, we will talk about the many reasons why electronic e-cigs are popular and then we will get to the juicy part of deciding whether they are really better than tobacco cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes were originally made in China and were exported to different countries. Several years and one controversy later (about e-cigs being drug delivery devices), these products have become popular enough that many countries in the world making and sell their own brand electronic cigarettes.

How do electronic cigarettes work? Each electronic cigarette stick contains a cartridge of e liquid nicotine, a vaporization chamber and a battery. When you puff on it, the liquid nicotine is turned into vapor which you can then inhale and exhale.

Electronic cigarettes are popular because they can mimic the look and taste of real tobacco, especially when you buy a tobacco-flavored cartridge, without the risk of tar getting into your system. Of course, the nicotine content is still a big issue, however, you can decrease your nicotine intake by buying cartridges that have less nicotine content. Thus, while they’re not necessarily good for you health, at least their less bad, despite what health professionals and regulatory organizations might think. And so it goes, you can use e-cigs to replace your regular tobacco.

The good thing about e-cigs is that they come in a wide variety of flavors. Depending upon the brand you buy, your e-cigarette pack could feel like a mini hookah bar where you can choose different fruits flavors like apple as well as other flavors like vanilla.

People who live in countries where cigarettes are very expensive eventually try e-cigs because they are cheaper in the long run. The average smoker spends over $100 in cigarettes. With electronic cigarettes, however, your refill cartridges won’t cost you more than $30.

Of course, just because they are cheap and tasty, it doesn’t mean that you should smoke them. We’re only saying that they’re an option for smokers who are concerned about their health but don’t want to go cold turkey on smoking.

There are roughly three types of electronic cigarette starter kits: the really cheap, the mid-priced and the really expensive. The cheap ones cost only a little over $10, however, they basically disposable models that last only a day or two. The expensive ones cost over $100. You can buy them but please check if they’re really worth the price. If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, you should buy a starter kit that costs £60 to £70 because they taste great and last longer.

Starter kits should include several cartridges, a battery, a charger, and the e-cigarette itself. Since there are many sellers out there, you should compare the prices at three stores first before buying. Again, don’t go for the very cheap kits because they don’t last long. As with anything else in life, you do get what you pay for.

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